We have responded to 4 callouts in 2018

Callout Map 2018



Incident 4 - 23th February 2018

16:06 - The team were contacted by NWAS to assist with access to a canoeist who had fallen and injured her leg. The group she was with had moved her to the bank, air ambulance arrived on scene and the team helped move the casualty to a waiting ambulance. Once the casualty had left scene the team helped get all the canoes and paddlers back to the road and to the vehicles. 13 team members for 4 hours.

Incident 3 - 28th January 2018

13:10 - The received a call from Patterdale MRT for assistance, as most of their team were on winter training in Scotland. The Helvellyn fell top assessor had heard shouts of help from the Striding Edge area. He had checked but could not find anything, just incase a response to the ridge was needed we mobilised the team and started to drive to the area. After further checking it was decided to stand the rescue down. 11 team members for 1 hour.

Incident 2 - 27th January 2018

16:15 - The team were contacted by Patterdale MRT. Most of their team were winter training in Scotland and the callout might require assistance. A couple who got stuck and cold while decending Striding Edge, they were assisted by some passing mountaineers, who eventually guided them to safety. The team were stood down while driving to the area. 14 team members for 1 hour.

Incident 1 - 15th January 2018

The team were asked to support Wasdale in searching the central fells for a missing man from the Leeds area. We searched the area around Great end to Esk Hause, with nothing found. The man was found the following day, stuck in boggy ground and quite cold, but alive. 6 team members for 8 hours.

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