0915hrs The team were called to assist a French lorry driver who had become stranded overnight in his lorry near the Ski Area of Yad Moss on the A6277 in severe conditions and deep snow drifts - he had already been there for 24 hours. The team and members of Highways attempted to get to him - and took 6 hours clearing the route - at which point the wind and snow conditions were deemed too difficult to continue - the driver spoke very little english and we were lucky that our colleagues at Teasdale MRT had a native french speaker able to contact him and explain the situation. The team attempted to get out to him on 2 March and due to the dwindling food and the fact his heating fuel had run out, called a Caostguard helicopter to assist - they were unable to reach the scene due to the high winds and white out.  A local farmer eventually was able to get to the driver and he was finally bought to Alston after 60 hours. 6 team members for 8 hours (plus members of Teasdale, Weardale and Swaledale teams, and Rescue 199 Coastguard Helicopter)


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