We have responded to 60 callouts in 2015

Callout Map 2015


Callouts 2015

Incident 60 - 29th December 2015

01:28 Patterdale assist. 2 Team members were requested to drive to Mardale Head to check for a missing walker. Fortunately, he turned up as the landrover was just leaving base.

Incident 59 - 26th December 2015

23:00 A type C team of 6 SRTs were deployed to York. These Team members evacuated a number of residents in Rowntree Wharf area to a nearby reception area adjacent to the River Foss. 6 Team members were involved for 13 hours.

Incident 58 - 22nd December 2015

SRT members of Team called out to rescue occupants of a car in the River Eden, between Appleby and Bolton. Fortunatel, we were stood down as we were mobilising.

Incident 57 - 5th December 2015

10:00 The start of a very busy 3 days dealing with flooding throughout our area and beyond. Key areas of activity included Carlisle, Eamont Bridge, Keswick & Appleby. The vast majority of the team were involved for long periods and we were supported by other lakes teams and teams from neighbouring counties, the Peak District and Wales. A fantastic effort from multiple MR teams and other voluntary organisations. Our thoughts are with everybody who was affected by this weekends events.

Incident 56 - 26th November 2015

10:40 Ambulance assist, Bluegate near Brampton, Tindale Fell. Female fallen down a bank. Patterdale also responded and dealt with incident. 6 Penrith members for 1 hour.

Incident 55 - 16th November 2015

11:26 The Team was called out to rescue a shepherd who had slipped on steep ground and become cragfast on the south side of Low Kop, Brampton Common near Haweswater reservoir. Local farmers helped transport team members and equipment on quad bikes to the location. Members then set up an anchor system and belayed the shepherd onto safer ground. 10 Penrith MRT members were involved for 3.5 hours.

Incident 54 - 24th October 2015

Patterdale assist. Whilst we were finishing with the previous incident, another callout came through and we were tasked to respond to a fallen female walker with lower leg injuries on Dove Crag. As we approached the scene of the incident we were stood down as the air ambulance had managed to evacuate the casualty.

11 Penrith MRT members for 4.5 hours.

Incident 53 - 24th October 2015

Patterdale assist. We were asked to help recover the body of a walker who had died of a suspected cardiac arrest on Helvellyn. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

7 Penrith MRT members were involved for 2.5 hours

Incident 52 - 16th October 2015

20:52 The Team was called out to search for two walkers missing on Cross Fell in very low vsibilty and poor weather. Following a mobile phone conservation with the missing pair, the incident controller was able to establish their rough position. Two team vehicles were dispatched to the radar station on Great Dun Fell. The hill party quickly found the walkers, and after warming them up in an emergency shelter, they were walked to the team vehicles. 16 Penrith members and 1 search dog were involved for 6 hours.

Incident 51 - 11th October 2015

19:47 The Team was tasked by the Police to give assistance to a group lost on Cross Fell. They thought they were on the correct path, however they were tired. 2 Team vehicles were dispatched to Greg's Hut via Garrigill, and encountered the group on the track. They were given a lift to their vehicle in Garrigill. 4 Team members were involved for 2 hours.

Incident 50 - 11th October 2015

Patterdale assist with a lower leg injury at Aira Force. Unfortunately, the Team was Swift water training at the Sands, Carlisle. So the majority could not attend. 1 Team member for 2 hours.

Incident 49 - 30th September 2015

Callout in the Great Dun Fell area. The Team was contacted as a 70 year old male was found wandering the fell in a confused state. The Team RV'd with the Helimed on the Garrigill to Moorhouse track. Patterdale also assisted. 5 Penrith members were involved for an hour.


Incident 48 - 21st September 2015

Patterdale assist. A female walker near Caiston Beck had dislocated her shoulder, and needed evacuation. 5 Penrith members for 2 hours.

Incident 47 - 19th September 2015

Continuation of the previous two incidents, searching for a missing resident of Crosby Ravensworth. Unfortunately a body was discovered in the area of Hardendale Quarry around noon. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. The Team was assisted by CRO, Swaledale, Teesdale & Weardale, Kendal, Kirkby Stephen, Oldham and RAF Leeming MRTs. 12 members of Penrith were involved for 5 hours.

Incident 46 - 18th September 2015

Continuation of the previous days search of Crosby Ravensworth and the surrounding area. A massive effort with assistance from  Cockermouth, Coniston, Duddon & Furness, Kendal, Keswick, Kirkby Stephen, Patterdale, RAF Leeming, Swaledale, Teesdale & Weardale and Wasdale MRT plus 6 search dogs. 10 members of Penrith for 11 hours.

Incident 45 - 17th September 2015

1900hrs Search for a missing resident of Crosby Ravensworth who had not returned from working her dog. She was 78 and had left home at approximately 1 pm.
Kirkby Stephen and Patterdale MRT also assisted along with 4 search dogs. 16 Penrith members, 9 Kirkby Stephen and 6 Patterdale for 7 hours.

Incident 44 - 12th September 2015

22:00 hrs Search for lone inexperienced male lost on Crossfell, North Pennines in the dark and fog. Found on th edge of the summit plateau, cold but otherwise okay. Escorted to a vehicle near Greg's Hut and then transported back to his home in Appleby. 10 Team members were involved over 7 hours along with 6 search dogs.

Incident 42 - 25th August 2015

Ambulance assist for woman who had fallen near Pooley Bridge. She had injured her ribs and shoulder. The Team transported her by stretcher to a waiting ambulance. 7 Team members were involved for 2 hours.

Incident 41 - 15th August 2015

Patterdale assist - Male with ankle injury on Swirral Edge, Helvellyn. The Team was stood down whilst on route as the Air Ambulance had managed to get to the casualty. 7 Team members for 1 hour

Incident 40 - 12th August 2015

Patterdale Assist. A 57 year old woman fell from Swirral Edge on Helvellyn, and sustained head injuries. Air ambulance paramedics were also on scene. The casualty was immobilised in a vacuum mattress, placed on a stretcher and lowered down towards Red Tarn.

Callout 39 - 19th July 2015

The Team were called out to assist Kirkby Stephen MRT in searching for a missing person. Fortunately, he was found safe by a swift water team.
 Kendal MRT and a number of search dogs were also involved.16 Penrith Team members were involved for 6 hours.

Callout 38 - 13th July 2015

Whilst finishing off incident 37, another callout came to Patterdale MRT, very close to the last incident. A young female was reported as cold and unable to make further progress. Penrith members again worked alongside Patterdale members to stretcher the casualty off the fell. 11 Penrith members were involved for 8 hours (this included both incidents 38 & 37)

Callout 37 - 13th July 2015

The Team was called out to search for a lost DoE group on the High Street range. Due to the last known  position we accessed the fells from Hayeswater alongside Patterdale MRT. 11 Penrith Members were involved for 8 hours - this is for both incidents 37 & 38

Callout 36 - 11th July 2015

Patterdale assist. A walker, near the 'Hole in the Wall', had injured his lower leg. He was back-roped in a stretcher down to Grisedale. Both the terrain and the weather were unpleasant. 7 Penrith members for 4 hours.

Callout 35 - 5th July 2015

The team were asked to assist a lone female walker on the Pennine way, near to Runesdale Tarn, who had become lost.
We used Sarloc to locate her and a team deputy talked her down to a main track - as she was exhausted we sent a vehicle along to pick her up.
2 team members and searchdog for 2 hrs.

Callout 34 - 30th June 2015

Rescue call at 17:10. A man was reported missing in the River Esk at Longtown, north of Carlisle. The Team worked alongside Cumbria Fire and Rescue in the search and were assisted by Patterdale MRT. Unfortunately his body was found later by Police divers. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. 19 Team members and a search dog were involved for 6 hours.

Callout 33 - 23rd June 2015

Patterdale assist. An 83 year old male had fallen on the lakeside path. One of our team members was working on the lake and was able to make his way to the scene of the fall and give immediate first aid. Patterdale MRT launched their boat and was able to stretcher the casualty to the boat and then transport the casualty to a waiting ambulance. 6 Penrith members were involved for ~ 2 hours

Callout 32 - 20th June 2015

Patterdale assist - A man had fallen from Striding Edge. Unfortunately, he died of his injuries. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this very difficult time.

12  Penrith Team members were involved for ~ 4 hours

Callout 31 - 18th June 2015

Sheep Rescue with a difference. The sheep was stuck on an island on Haweswater. Swiftwater trained team members rowed out to the island and rescued the ewe. 6 Penrith MRT members for ~ 2 hours.

Callout 28 - 26 April 2015

10:00 Sheep Rescue. A sheep was rescued from a ledge on Short Stile, in Riggindale near Haweswater. 5 Team members for 5 hours.

Callout 26 - 20 April 2015

13:04 Patterdale assist. 75 year old male sustained fatal injuries after falling approximately 100 metres from Striding Edge, Helvellyn, on Monday afternoon.Our thoughts are with the man's family, friends and walking companions at this difficult time. 2 members for 3 hours

Callout 25 - 19 April 2015

13:44The Team was called out to evacuate a casualty in the Gilsland area.
10 Team members were involved for 3 hours.

Callout 24 - 11 April 2015

14:56 Mountain biker had injured himself between Kidsty Pike and High Raise. Patterdale MRT also responded, as did the RAF with a SeaKing. The casualty was assisted to the SeaKing and then flown to Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle.
12 Penrith Team members involved for 2 hours.

Callout 23 - 9 April 2015

11:56 Patterdale assist. Mountain biker with head injury near Swarthbeck Gill.
Casualty stretchered 700m to Air Ambulance. 7 Penrith members for 2 hours.

Callout 22 - 8 April 2015

13:20 Patterdale assist - cragfast waker near Greenhow End, Deepdale. He was winched to safety by a SeaKing as Team members prepared to go on the hill. 7 Penrith Team members for 2 hours.

Callout 20 - 10 March 2015

16:48 Members of the Team rescued a female walker who had slipped on wet ground on Bampton Common (near Haweswater) and injured her lower leg. She was treated at the scene and stretchered to a Team Landrover and then transported to an ambulance.
11 Team members for 4 hours

Callout 19 - 7 March 2015

21:20 Patterdale assist search for 4 overdue walkers in the region of Dove Crag. 12 Penrith members 3 hours.

Callout 18 - 7 March 2015

14:10 Patterdale assist. Whilst the previous incident was closing, the call came via Patterdale assist of a similar incident on Sleet Fell (Place Fell). Member of the Team provided casualty care and stretchered/back-rope the casualty off the fell to a waiting ambulance. 10 Penrith members 2 hours.

Callout 17 - 7 March 2015

12:30 Patterdale assist. 51yr old female had slipped and injured her lower leg.
Team members stretchered her off the fell. 10 Team members 2 hours.

Callout 14 - 22 February 2015

12:32 Patterdale assist with a RTC on Kirkstone Pass. Team vehicles were used to ferry coach passengers to Patterdale base. 8 Team members for 3 hours.

Callout 13 - 17 February 2015

Patterdale assist in a search for a missing male on Helvellyn. He was found with serious injuries and hypothermia and was then stretchered off the hill.
Sadly he later died of his injuries.
Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
8 Penrith members were involved for 8 hours.

Callout 12 - 15 February 2015

Rescue. Team called out to a female in Mosedale near Caldbeck (not our area - unfortunate mix up. The Team treated the casualty on scene for a wrist and knee injury. She was then transported via stretcher and landrover to a waiting ambulance. 8 members for 3 hours.

Callout 10 - 7 February 2015

08:30 The Team continued to search for a missing person (incident 6). The search concentrated on the Beacon Hill area of Penrith. Unfortunately a body was found, which has since been confirmed as the missing person.
Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
14 Penrith, 9 Cockermouth, 7 Kirkby Stephen, 6 Kendal, 3 Patterdale and 4 search dogs for 5 hours.

Callout 9 - 1 February 2015

12:10 Rescue, 12 year old male with a lower leg injury in Greystoke Forest.
Team splinted the injury and transported the casualty by styretcher and Team landrover to an awaiting ambulance.
14 Team members for 2 hours.

Callout 8 - 1 February 2015

08:30 The Team continued to search for a missing person (incident 6).
The search concentrated on woodlands around Lacey's Caves.
15 Penrith members, 12 Kirkby Stephen members and 3 search dogs for 3 hours.

Callout 7 - 25 January 2015

12:35 Rescue, female fallen from a horse near Wetheriggs. She had injured her back. The Team assisted the Beep Doctor in immobilising the casualty and transporting her to a Team Landrover and driving her to the road and an awaiting ambulance.
6 Team members for 1.5 hours.

Callout 5 - 17 January 2015

16:18 Patterdale assist. 2 wakers had fallen off Swirral Edge. Unfortunately, one later died of his injuries. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
5 Team members for 7 hours.

Callout 4 - 12 January 2015

Patterdale assist. Continuation of the search for the missing walker on Helvellyn. Unfortunately a body was found above Red Tarn.
Our thoughts are with his family and friends.
2 Team members for 9 hours.

Callout 3 - 11 January 2015

1830 Whilst the Team were assisting in the previous incident, another request from Patterdale MRT to assist in a search on Great Mell Fell.
4 Team members - stood down whilst responding.

Callout 2 - 11 January 2015

1630 Patterdale assist. Search for a missing walker on Helvellyn. the team searched Brown Cove and Keppel Cove in poor conditions.
18 Penrith members for 4 hours.

Callout 1 - 4 January 2015

15:30 Patterdale assist. Female on Hallin Fell with a lower leg injury. RAF Seaking was passing so airlifted the casualty. 8 Team members for ~1 hour.

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