We have responded to 47 callouts in 2016

Callout Map 2016


Callouts 2016

Incident 47 - 13th November 2016

13:51 Keswick assist. Male walker fallen 40m from Sharp Edge, Blencathra. Team members assisted Keswick MRT in evacuating injured walker. Helimed 58 and Coastguard 999 also in attendance. 13 Penrith members involved for 5 hours

Incident 45 - 15th October 2016

22:20 Patterdale assist. A 50 year old male was reported to have fallen from Priest's Hole on Dove Crag. A Coastguard helicopter was able to find the casualty with an infrared camera. and then airlifted some Penrith members and equipment up to near the site. Team members were involved in both the long and difficult extraction, which invoved belaying the strecher over awkward terrain, and in escorting the rest of the party down from Preist's Hole to Patterdales Base. 11 Penrith members for 7 hours.

Incident 44 - 12th October 2016

19:59 Rescue call for a dog stuck on a ledge in Oddendale Quarry. The Team lowered a Team member down 40m to the dog, which was secured to the Team member and then both were hauled to the top of the quarry. 19 Penrith members for 2.5 hours.

Incident 43 - 1 October 2016

14:07 Ambulance assist. 32 yr old male had fallen off a bike in a quarry near Melmerby. The team were asked to assist in the extraction. As we were responding the casualty managed to walk to the ambulance. 8 Penrith members for 15 mins.

Incident 42 - 26th September 2016

18:35 Kirkby Stephen assist. Search for a missing member of a grouse shoot on Helbeck Fell near Brough. Fortunately, the missing 40 male was found 24 hours after he had gone missing. He was cold and a little confused, but otherwise safe and well. Multiple teams were involved in the search, this included 11 Penrith members for 7 hours.

Incident 41 - 25th September 2016

Patterdale Assist - We were called to assist Patterdale with a rescue of young local man who had injured his ankle high on Striding Edge. A long stretcher evacution crossing knee deep rivers. 

Incident 40 - 24th September 2016

13:59 Rescue. The Team was called out to assist a 62 year old female who had slipped whilst descending Harter Fell towards Nan Bield Pass. She had injured her upper arm and was in significant pain on movement. Due to the ground conditions, it was obvious the casualty would be unable to walk off the hill. Due to the length of the carry-out, a Coastguard Helicopter was requested. The casualty was carried to the nearby helicopter. Kirkby Stephen MRT were also requested to assist. 5 Penrith MRT members for 4.5 hours.

Incident 39 - 8th September 2016

19:38 Ambulance assist. The Team was called out to assist NWAS in extracting a 45 year old female who had slipped down a small bank whilst walking her dog. She had injured her lower leg. The casualty was placed on a team strecther and carried a short distance to a waiting ambulance. 13 Penrith MRT members for a duration of 1.5 hours.

Incident 38 - 8th September 2016

13:57 The Team was called out to assist a 60 year old French male who was walking the Coast to Coast route. He slipped on Kidsty Pike and injured his lower leg. Unfortunately he spoke no English however, a friend was able to translate for us. A Coastguard helicopter was requested due to the length of the carry out. The casualty was treated and carried to the helicopter. Kirkby Stepten MRT also assisted. 9 Penrith members and 9 Kirkby Stephen members for 4 hours.

Incident 34 - 24th August 2016

Rescue call: The team was called at approx 4pm to assist the ambulance service access a bridleway approx 3 miles east of Alston where a 15 year old boy had fallen from a bike.

We deployed the team to the area from our Penrith base and assisted the ambulance crew to make the boy, who had sustained facial injuries, comfortable until the air ambulance arrived. We were incredibly impressed with the young man's ability to cope with everything that had happened and he was accompanied by his father to the RVI at Newcastle where he was being assessed.

After the incident we were able to ensure that the remaining 10 family members were safely transported back to their holiday accommodation in Alston where all his brothers and sisters are now making get well cards.

We wish our casualty well in his recovery.

11 Team members for 3.5 hours

Incident 33 - 23rd August 2016

NWAS Assist: The team received a request from NWAS to help bring a 91 year old lady from her house to a patient transfer vehicle in Bampton. Her access road is inaccessible to normal vehicles, so the team used one of the Land Rovers to access her property. 2 Team members were involved.

Incident 32 - 19th August 2016

Patterdale Assist: The team was called to assist Patterdale with a female walker who had slipped and hurt her back near Swartbeck on the Ullswater way, between Pooley Bridge and Howtown. The team was stood down en-route. 6 Team members were involved.

Incident 31 - 13th August 2016

Patterdale Assist - A male was reported missing from accommodation at Greenside mines, near Helvellyn. The man had reportedly drunk a large volume of alcohol and had not been seen by his friends or family since 0100. Patterdale MRTs search dog Corrie located the man, he was rescued from the area and flown to James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough, by a Coastguard helicopter. 7 Team members were involved.

Incident 30 - 7th August 2016

14:27 Rescue Call. A female walker had slipped at Gatesgarth Pass, near to Mardale Head, Haweswater. She had injred her lower leg, which was splinted and then she was stretchered down to Mardale Head to a waiting ambulance. 14 Penrith members were involved for 3 hours.

Incident 29 - 5th August 2016

16:02 Patterdale Assist: A female walker had injured her lower leg whilst on Striding Edge, Helvellyn. Her leg was splinted and she was stretchered down towards Greenside mines. She also sufferedfrom Diabetes and was in danger of becoming unconscious, so she was winched aboard a Coastguard helicopter. 8 Penrith Team members were involved for 6 hours.

Incident 28 - 27th July 2016

Rescue: A female walker had slipped close to Gatesgarth Pass, near Mardale Head, Haweswater. She had injured her lower leg, which was splinted and she was then stretchered to a waiting ambulance. 10 Team members were involved.

Incident 27 - 23rd July 2016

14:01 Ambulance assist. A cyclist had crashed on the road up to Great Dunn Fell. The Team was stood down whilst on route. 11 Penrith MRT members for 1 hour.

Incident 26 - 16th July 2016

15:22 Ambulance assist. A lady with two small children had fallen 3m down a bank near Pooley Bridge and had injured her ankle. The Team carried her by stretcher to a waiting ambulance. 7 Penrith Team members for 2 hours.

Incident 24 - 27th June 2016

13:46 Ambuance assist. A female walker had slipped near Lacey's Caves and had sustained a head injury. The casualty was placed on a team stretcher, and was hauled 8m up a slope using a pulley system. The team then carried her to the waiting Great North Air Ambulance. 9 Penrith Team members were invoved for 3 hours

Incident 23 - 22nd June 2016

O5:15 Search for missing person in the River Eden near Stanwix. The person who had jumped off a bridge into the river, was found at a friends house.

9 Members of Penrith MRT and 2 from Kirkby Stephen MRT for 8 hours.

Incident 22 - 19th June 2016

14:17 Patterdale assist, a female walker with an ankle injury near Boredale Hause. Casualty was stretchered to awaiting Landrover at the foot of the bridleway. 5 Penrith members for 2.5 hours.

Incident 21 - 11th June 2016

14:54 Patterdale assist. 34 year old female walker had slipped and twisted her ankle above Satura Crag, Rest Dodd. She was placed on a stretcher and lowered to the filter house and then transferred to a team landrover and taken to Patterdale base. 12 Penrith members were involved for 3.5 hours.

Incident 20 - 8th June 2016

13:30 Patterdale assist. 58 year old male had taken a short tumbling fall off Striding Edge towards Nethermost Cove and was suffering back pain. The casualty was lwered through difficult terrain to the valley bottom, where he was transferred to the HeliMed. 7 Penrith members for 7 hours.

Incident 18 - 31st May 2016

13:24 Keswisk & Fire Service assist with a fell fire caused by a disguarded BBQ in the Mosedale area. 9 Penrith members for 8 hours.

Incident 17 - 8th May 2016

13:51 Search in Kershope Forest Area. A couple had being staying in the bothy, but got lost on the walk out, one had twisted an ankle and they had run out of water. Fortunately they were located durin a hasty search of the obvious tracks and given a lift to their vehicle. 12 Penrith members for 3 hours

Incident 16 - 7th May 2016

14:59 Patterdale assist. 2 walkers above Caudale Quarry. One was suffering from cramp and couldn't walk down. As the Penrith members approached the scene, another callout came through and we were re-tasked to a fallen climber and then re-tasked again to a member of he public hit by a cricket ball.

11 Penrith members for 3 hours. 

Incident 15 - 11th April 2016

14:15 Patterdale assist. Male walker with an ankle injury in the area of Dove Crag. Casualty was splinted and then stretchered to a Landrover, which transported the casualty to an ambulance. 5 Penrith members for 5 hours.

Incident 14 - 2nd April 2016

21:52 Ambulance assist, with a male casualty 100m from the road, in a wood. He had a lower leg injury. The Team stretchered him to the waiting ambulance. 10 Penrith members for 1 hour.

Incident 13 - 1st April 2016

17:58 Rescue of a lone male walker on Little Dunn Fell, (the same bloke as in the previous incident). His tent had collapsed, the winds were still high and he was concerned about hypothermia. A small group of Team members set out from the radar station with another group waited in a Team vehicle in case medical equipment was required. The casualty was quickly located and escorted to the waiting Team vehicles. 12 Penrith Team members were involved for approximately 2 hours.

Incident 12 - 1st April 2016

14:01 A call from a male walker on the Pennine Way. He was pinned down in high winds on Little Dunn Fell. He was well equipped and uninjured, so he decided to sit it out in his tent untill the wind dropped.

Incident 11 - 12th March 2016

A group of 4 walkers were lost between High Street and Harter Fell. Team Leader was able to speak to the group via mobile phone and with the aid of SARLOC was able to guide them towaeds Nan Bield Pass. Due to intermitent signal, a small party was sent to meet them which included search dog Dottie. the group were found and escorted off the hill. 3 Team members for 2 hours.

Incident 10 - 10th March 2016

17:05 Patterdale assist with walker who had fallen off Striding Edge towards Red Tarn. Coastguard helicopter was able to winch the casualty aboard whilst team members were making their way to the casualty site. The casualty was flown to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle. 15 Penrith members for 4 hours.

Incident 9 - 9th March 2016

12:41 Patterdale assist in evacuation of a hypothermic casualty near the summit of Helvellyn. He was stretchered towards Swirls Car Park until a Coastguard Helicopter was able to winch the casualty aboard. 4 Penrith members for 6 hours.

Incident 8 - 6th March 2016

13:51 Ambulance assist at Etterby Nature Reserve, Carlisle. The Team was stood down, whilst on route. 6 team members for 1 hour.

Incident 7 - 22nd February 2016

14:33 Patterdale assist with a broken ankle after a man fell 150m from Swirral Edge, Helvellyn. The Coastguard S92 was able to winch the casualty aboard.

6 Penrith members for 5 hours.

Incident 6 - 31st January 2016

14:00 Patterdale assist. Just as the Team was finishing joint training with Patterdale MRT, they received a callout about an abandoned rucksack near Striding Edge. Penrith member assisted searching for the owner, who fortunately turned up safe and well. 13 Penrith members for 2.5 hours.

Incident 5 - 30th January 2016

02:22 Persons stuck in snow near knock. They were located using SARLOC and the Police agreed to go and assist them. 1 Team member for 1 hour.

Incident 4 - 27th January 2016

14:00 The Team was contacted by the Police to assist a couple and their toddler who was lost in Greystoke Forest. As a Deputy team leader was talking to the couple on a mobile phone, other walkers turned up and were able to help them back to their vehicle. 1 Team member 10mins

Incident 3 - 17th January 2016

22:09. The Team was requested by the Police to assist a courier driver who had come off the road near Spadeadam. Poor mobile reception meant the Team were unable to contact the driver, so a 4 members went to help in a Landrover. As the Team arrived, the driver and vehicle were recovered by a local recovery company. 4 Team members for 3 hours.

Incident 2 - 9th January 2016

0800 Cockermouth assist. Continuation of the previous incident in searching Sowerby Woods, Dalston near Carlisle, for a missing male. 10 Team members for 4 hours.

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