We have responded to 39 callouts in 2017

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Callouts 2017

Incident 39 - 31st December 2017

The team were contacted by Cumbria Police to search the Beacon Plantation, north of Penrith, for a missing person. Due to the size of the search area we requested the assistance of Kirkby Stephen MRT (12 team members). We segmented the area into search areas and deployed teams to perform searches. Nothing was found and the team stood down after a conversation with the police. 26 team members for 5.5 hours.

Incident 38 - 23rd December 2017

16:00 - We received a call from Kirkby Stephen MRT to assist with a search south of Tebay. Shouts had been heard by local residents and reported to the police. We searched the area to the east of the M6/railway line and the east of the river Lune. Nothing was found and the search stood down at 19:00. 19 team members for 3 hours.

Incident 37 - 11th December 2017

15:20 - The team were called by Cumbria Police with reports of a fallen ice climber above Blea Water with multiple injuries. We requested the support from air ambulance and the coastguard helicopter, but due to conditions neither could make it to the scene. Due to access to the scene and the possible long stretcher carry we asked for help from Kirkby Stephen MRT (9 team members) and Patterdale MRT (13 team members). This was a complex and technical rescue which finished with the casulaty being air lifted from the footpath at 23:45 and taken to the RVI in Newcastle. 20 team members for 8 hours.

Incident 36 - 18th October 2017

14:30 - The team were contacted to assist Keswick with a rescue on Blencathra. A 11 year old female had slipped and injured her ankle and could not walk. She was treated at the scene by Keswick and we meet the stretcher on route down the hill. 6 team members for 3 hours.

Incident 35 - 15th October 2017

14:00 - We were contacted to assist Keswick with search areas in the central fells for a missing walker from Wasdale. He had set off to the summitt on the Saturday afternoon but failed to return. A major search involving 5 LDSAMRA mountain rescue teams, Lake District Search dogs and RAF Leeming. The team stood down at 21:00, his body was found the following day during the continued search. 7 team members for 7 hours.

Incident 34 - 11th October 2017

18:40 - The team were contacted by North West Ambulance Service to assist with transfering a patient back to her home due to flood waters. 3 team members for 2 hours.

Incident 33 - 7th October 2017

18:44 - The team were called by Cumbria Police as a walker had lost his dog. Our team leader spoke to the walker who had already started ascending back to High Street to look for his dog. He was advised to return to his vehicle and look for his dog the next day, but he decided to continue the search. He was given some advice on where his dog was likely to be and how to stay safe. Our team leader checking in with him during his search and managed to navigate him back to Kidsty Pike, where he found his dog. Two team members went to the end of Haweswater and walked around to met one man and his dog, with lots of dog discuits, to make sure they were both safely off the fell. 3 team members for 5.5 hours.

Incident 32 - 3rd October 2017

12:00 Kendal Assist - A walker had slipped and fallen near Borrowdale valley. Due to possible low numbers and a tricky stretcher out Kendal asked for our assistance. The team were stood down while assembling at base.

Incident 31 - 23rd September 2017

14:55 Patterdale Assist - While driving a wedding vehicle for one of our team members near Howtown, our team leader was flagged down by a passing walker. He stated that a young man had just phoned for Mountain Rescue Assistance and was very impressed at how quickly we had got there. As this accident happened in Patterdale's patch, our team leader and comms officer contacted Patterdale and preceeded to the lake shore. A walker had slipped down some rock steps and had badly injured his knee. He was treated at the scene by team members and stretchered to a waiting Patterdale MRT vehicle for transportation back to his own vehicle and then on to hosiptal for a check up. 2 team members for 2.5 hours.

Incident 30 - 19th September 2017

10:50 Patterdale Assist - The team were asked to help Patterdale locate a missing walker who had set off from her over night camp near Angle tarn and fell, injuring her leg. No location was known and a Coastguard helicopter had also been requested. The walker was located, treated at the scene by Patterdale and transported to hospital by helicopter before the team left base.

Incident 29 - 28th August 2017

15:20 Patterdale assist. Male walker and his dog had fallen from Striding Edge. Penrith members assisted Patterdale MRT in evacuating the casualty and his dog. Casualty transported to RVI by the coastguard and the dog taken to Patterdale MRT's base. 11 Penrith members were involved for 4.5 hours.

Incident 28 - 28th August 2017

10:00 Sheep Rescue. The Team was contacted by a farmer near Ousby about a cragfast lamb. A Team member was lowered down to the lamb, and was able to move it to safer ground. Thanks to the farmer for assisting move gear in his quad bike and for making a donation to the Team.

Incident 27 - 27th August 2017

13:18 Patterdale assist. Unfortunately a male walker fell 200m from Striding Edge and died from his injuries. Members of Penrith MRT assisted Patterdale MRT in recovering his body. Our thoughts are with his family and friends after this tragic incident. 7 Penrith members were involved for 4 hours.

Incident 26 - 19th August 2017

16:35 Kirkby Stephen MRT assist. Penrith were called to assist KSMRT in evacuating a walker by stretcher. The 63 year male had slipped and injured his knee near High Cup Nick. The casualty was carried and sledged to a waiting landrover, and then driven to an RV with an ambulance. 10 Penrith MRT members for 3 hours.

Incident 25 - 16th August 2017

15:04 Unfortunately, whilst attending the previous rescue, a call came via the police to help recover a body near to Hartside. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased. We requested the assistance of Kirkby Stephen MRT whilst we returned to our vehicles. Penrith team members then re-tasked to Hartside.

Incident 24 - 16th August 2017

13:12 Rescue. 61 year old female walker tripped and fell on Kidsty Howe near Haweswater. She had sustained a head injury other cuts and bruises and was also suffering from the cold. The team arrived on scene and stabilised her head and neck whilst the air ambulance landed and the paramedic examined the casualty. The Team helped escort the casualty to the helicopter. Kirkby Stephen were also asked to assist but were re-tasked to deal with another Penrith MRT callout. 10 Penrith MRT members for 3.5 hours.

Incident 23 - 13th August 2017

16:39 Rescue.40 year old female walker had slipped and injured her lower leg near the shore of Haweswater at the foot Kidsy Pike. Search dog handlers were quickly on scene as they were training locally. Penrith MRT arrived with medical kit, packaged the casualty and stretchered the casualty to a waiting landrover. The casualty was then transport to Penrith ambulance station. Many thanks to the Search Dog Handlers for their assistance during the rescue (including the carry out).

8 Penrith MRT and 3 Lake District Search Dog Handlers for 3 hours

Incident 22 - 18th July 17

15:22 Call from Police. A couple had been walking together in Coombs Woods near Armathwaite when they decided to take different routes. Unfortunately the 79yo male lost his way due to tree felling in the area. Once he had been missing for a couple of hours his wife raised the call. After a further hours of trying to contact the misper and informant to work out exactly which routes they had taken, the team responded. Shortly after arriving on scene the Police informed us that the misper, his wife and the dogs were all safely home and had been unable to update us due to poor mobile signal. 19 team members for 3 hours.

Incident 21 - 7th July 17

16:20 Call from Police. A couple who had planned to walk from Dufton to Alston were lost in mist somewhere near Great Dun Fell. They had got themselves disorientated in bad conditions near the summit and lost the path, as the team were preparing to send a Land Rover to the summit and locate the couple, their family managed to track them down and bring them safely off the hill. 4 team members for 30 mins.

Incident 20 - 4th July 17

18:00 - Call from Police. A member of the public had found two women sheltering in Greg's hut near Cross Fell. He was concerned for their welfare and checked that they had made it too their hotel in Alston a few hours after he had seen them. When they had not turned up at the hotel he rasied his concern. The team were unable to contact the women and they had still not turned up at the hotel, as the team were arriving at base to organise a search the women arrived safe and a little cold at the hotel. 10 team members for 40 mins.

Incident 16 - 2nd June 2017

10:00 - Kirkby Stephen MRT requested assistance in searching for a missing person. Shortly after arriving she was found, the team helped transfer her to helimed. 13 team members for 2 hours.

Incident 19 - 26th June 17

16:31 - The team were asked by Patterdale MRT to support in the extraction of a casulty with a suspected broken ankle from near Heck Crag, Bannerdale. Once on scene we help transfer the casulty to the waiting Air ambulance who flew to a local farm to transfer to a land ambulance. 14 team members for 2.5 hours.

Incident 18 - 22nd June 2017

16:37 - Call for the North West Ambulance Service to help with moving a casulty from a Glider crash near Skelling Farm. As the team were assembling at base Helimed picked up the patient and transported to hospital. 13 Team members for 30 mins.

Incident 17 - 21st June 2017

22:55 - Call from Police, two males reported their friend overdue at Mosedale Cottage. Team leader spoke to males and quickly ascertained that they were actually not at Mosedale Cottage and their friend was probably waiting for them at Mosedale, but with no mobile service as unable to reach them. Instructions were given to navigate to the cottage. The team deployed two team members to drive towards Mosedale Cottage just in case their friend was not actually there. Just as the team land rover was ascending above Wet Sleddale the two males reported that they had be reunited with their friend who was actually waiting for them at Mosedale. 3 team members for 2.5 hours.

Incident 15 - 24th May 2017

10:30 Call from Police, Male reported lost on the descent from Cross Fell to Gregs Hut. Male had ascended Cross Fell from Gregs Hut but had become disorientated on the descent and could not find Gregs Hut or the path down. The team attempted to locate the male using Sarloc but there was no data signal to send the position. While walking up and down a fence line, the misper spotted Gregs Hut while the team were assembling at base. He reported himself as back on track and walked off the fell back to Garigill. 7 team members for 45 mins.

Incident 14 - 14th May 2017

14:39 - NWAS requested assistance to help extract a female who had fallen down a steep bank and who was hanging onto a tree to prevent a further fall. Initially 2 team members attended direct and secured the casualty until further assistance was available. Cumbria Fire and Rescue crew were also in attendance and were able to provide additional rope access to haul the casualty to safety. She was treated at the scene by the ambulance crew and stretchered to their vehicle by addition Penrith team members. This was a great example of interagency working. 7 team members for 2 hours.

Incident 13 - 7th May 2017

15:20 Whilst on training, a team member slipped and injured her lower leg in Swarthbeck Gill. She was evacuated by the Team and was transported by Coastguard helicopter, who had been assisting Patterdale on callout 12, to hospital. 16 Team members for 1 hour.

Incident 12 - 7th May 2017

12:20 Patterdale assist with a female who fell 30ft from Striding Edge suffering multiple injuries. The casualty was treated on scene before being winched into the Coastguard Rescue helicopter and taken to Patterdale Playing Field for transfer to the Air Ambulance and onward transmission to hospital. 12 team members for 3 hours.

Incident 11 - 1st May 2017

14:02 Rescue, the team were asked to assist NWAS and GNAAS with access and egress of an injured female after a car accident. On attending the car was part of an organised Trials Car Club event and the car had over turned throwing the driver and passenger from the vehicle. The passenger was moved to a land ambulance and the driver stretchered to the waiting air ambulance. 16 team members for 1.5 hours.

Incident 10 - 17th April 2017

16:04 Patterdale Assist with a 50 year old male who had fallen on the path and fractured his ankle near Dowthwaite Head. He was initially treated and evacuated by fellow walkers before the Team were called to assist Patterdale. He was then treated by a Patterdale Team Doctor and stretchered from the fell before before being transfered to hospital in one of our Land Rovers. 7 Penrith Team Members for 2.4 hours

Incident 9 - 11th April 2017

12:56 Rescue: Lone french female walker (22), suffering from hypothermia and struggling in high winds, activated her 'Personnel locator Beacon' and SOS messaged was routed by Houston, Texas to Cumbria Police. The Team responded with 2 vehicles sent to Great Dunn Fell. The casualty was found on Little Dunn Fell. A passing walker had managed to reassure her, warm her up and was escorting her towards safety. The Team checked her over, provided her with a hot drink and transported her to her accomodation in Dufton. 10 Penrith MRT members for 3 hours.

Incident 8 - 25th March 2017

18:25 Call from Police, female lost between Great Dunn Fell and Cow Green reservoir. Team leader sent a Sarloc link and managed to contact the female via mobile phone. Fortunately, they had managed to relocate themselves and contacted the team when they were safely off the fell. 2 Team members for 2 hours.

Incident 7 - 6th March 2017

15:14 Patterdale assist with a 60yr old female with a possible broken ankle on Gow Barrow Fell. Casualty was stretchered off the hill. 10 Penrith members for ~2 hours.

Incident 6 - 5th March 2017

21:00 Search for a vulnerable male in the Castle Carrock area. The Team assisted the Police in searching rough terrain. Kirkby Stephen MRT also assisted. Fortunately the missing person turned up safe next morning. 15 Penrith members for 5.5 hours.

Incident 5 - 4th March 2017

12:25 Search for a vulnerable 51 male missing from his home in Carlisle. He had been missing for ~24 hours. The Team searched farmland either side of the Brisco road. Fortunately, the missing male was found alive near the M6 around 8pm. He was evacuated by stretcher to the road and then transported by Team landrover to CIC. 20 Penrith members were involved for 8 hours.

Incident 4 - 22 February 2017

07:15 Keswick assist in searching for a couple who had not returned to their hotel after setting of for Scafell Pike yesterday. In all, 70+ MR members involved in total. They were found safe and well (but cold) after spending the night in a bivvy bag. 10 Penrith members for 7 hours.

Incident 3 - 12 February 2017

19:39 Rescue call, stranded car with 3 occupants, was stuck in snow on Hartside. A team landrover with 4 team members on board managed to free the vehicle. 11 further team members were on standby in case the situation escalated. Duration 1.5 hours.

Incident 2 - 10 February 2017

08:38 Keswick assist. Request by police to search for a missing male (50's) near Stonethwaite campsite, Borrowdale. 11 Penrith MRT members were involved for ~5 hours.

Incident 1 - 19 January 2017

10:06 Rescue - Injured male runner (40's) on Spine race, he was located at Greg's hut, and unable to continue with the race. Fortunately, the event organsers managed to evacuate the competitor whilst members of the team were enroute. 5 Penrith MRT members for 1 hour.

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