Callouts 2019

Callout 34 - 15th September 2019

The Team were called to the assistance of a male walker who had hurt his ankle whilst walking the along the Pennine Way from Dufton to Alston. Two Land Rovers were deployed to drive along the track from Garrigill to Greg's hut where the party of three had sought shelter. The casualty and his two companions were driven to their accommodation in Alston.

Team Members: 4

Callout 33 - 8th September 2019

The Team were called to assist North West Ambulance Service with the evacuation of an eight-year-old boy from Shap. The casualty had sustained an elbow injury whilst falling from a pony. The Great North Air Ambulance Service also attended the scene. The casualty was then taken by land ambulance to Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

Team Members: 13
Duration: 2 hours

Callout 31 - 26th August 2019

The Team were called to a 40 year old male who sustained a leg injury next to a waterfall near Gilsland. Due to the difficulties of evacuating the casualty in the remote location, a Maritime and Coastguard Agency helicopter that was returning from operating in the Lake District and was called to assist the Team in the safe evacuation of the casualty to hospital.

Team Members: 13
Duration: 2 hours

Callout 29 - 15th August 2019

Another busy day for the Team. 
The first incident was to a walker in the Eastern Fells who had sustained a leg injury and was unable to continue with her walk. The Team were assisted by Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team and were able to stretcher carry the casualty from the fell and take her to hospital for further treatment.

Penrith Team Members: 7 
Kirkby Stephen Members: 5 
Duration: 3.5 hours

Not long after hanging our wet kit up to dry, we were called to the second shout of the day, this time to assist North West Ambulance Service. A young mountain biker had sustained injuries coming off his bike near Brampton. Due to the location we were able to assist by loading the casualty on to our stretcher and carrying him to the awaiting Ambulance.

Team Members: 15 
Duration: 3.5 hours

We wish both casualties a speedy recovery!

Callout 28 - 7th-8th August 2019

The Team were called to assist with a reported glider crash on the summit of Cross Fell.

The Team assembled just outside Kirkland awaiting transport to the crash site. However, the air ambulance managed to get on scene and evacuated the casualty to Newcastle without the need for Coastguard helicopter or Penrith Mountain Rescue Team support and the Team were stood down.

The following day four Penrith Mountain Rescue Team members guided the Air Accident Investigation Board to the crash site and assisted in the removal of the crashed glider by helicopter to land transport.

Callout 26-27 - 27th July 2019

The Team were called initially to find a 61-year-old female who had become lost and disorientated in the cloud near the summit of Crossfell. Two groups were sent, one approaching from Kirkland, the other from Garrigill. The walker was found in a shelter just below the summit and was walked to Greg's Hut where they were driven by Land Rover to Garrigill.

Team Members: 11 + Morag
Duration: 4 hours

As the Team were returning to base they were diverted to assist a 53-year-old male ultra runner who had a suspected broken ankle on Bampton Common above Haweswater. Vehicles were able to get quite close along the lakeside path before the Team made it the rest of the way on foot. The casualty was in good spirits despite the rain and had their ankle splinted before being stretchered back to the Land Rovers to be driven to Burnbanks and a waiting NWAS ambulance. The Team were assisted by Event Safety Group from the event the runner was competing in, along with members of Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team, a big thank you to you all!

Penrith Team Members: 14
Kirkby Stephen Team Members: 7 
Duration: 3 hours 15

Callout 25 - 22nd July 2019

The Team were alerted by both the Ambulance service and the Police after reports of someone having fallen near Armathwaite crags.

Community First Responders and a Paramedic were able to access the casualty quickly but the rescue Team was needed for the extraction back on to safe ground.

A twin rope hauling system was used to bring the casualty on a Team stretcher up the steep ground to a Team vehicle for a short drive to the waiting ambulance.

Huge thank you to North West Ambulance Service.
Photo credit:

Team Members: 18
Duration: 3 ¼ hours

Callout 23-24 - 17th July 2019

The Team had another busy day with two callouts.

The first was to a young woman with breathing difficulties on Loadpot Hill above Ullswater. The team managed to get a land-rover near to the casualty before treatment and evacuation.

A big thank you to Dale Foot Farm for providing additional transport of kit to the casualty site.

The second callout was to assist Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team with an injured middle aged lady who sustained a broken leg near Grisedale Tarn.

This makes four callouts in three days for the Team.

Callout 21-22 - 15th July 2019

After a quiet spell, The Team were called to 2 incidents yesterday.

The first, a 50-year-old man with a suspected broken ankle at The Rigg on the shores of Haweswater. The casualty was carried by stretcher along the shores of Haweswater to an ambulance at Mardale Head.
Thank you to Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team for their support during this callout.

Penrith Team Members: 8
Kirkby Stephen Members: 6
Duration: 3 hours

The Team got their second callout of the day assisting Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team with a male injured on Striding Edge. The casualty had sustained an ankle injury and was unable to walk. He was evacuated by coastguard helicopter.

Big thanks to Maritime and Coastguard Agency for their support during this callout.

Team Members: 7 
Duration: 5 hours

Callout 19-20 - 26th May 2019

The Team were called to two incidents at Great Dun Fell.

The first was called to assist Teesdale and Weardale Search and Rescue Team in the evacuation of an elderly male walker who got into difficulty whilst completing the Hadrian 100 Challenge event. The gentleman was treated for hypothermia by the Teesdale and Weardale team, along with another male who also required assistance.

Later on the same day, the Team was called out to assist a 34-year-old female cyclist who got into difficulty in the adverse weather conditions.

Callout 17 - 20th May 2019

The Team were called out to a 62 year old lady with a broken ankle in Gelt Woods near Brampton. The casualty was evacuated from the woods by stretcher carry and was transported by Land Rover to the land Ambulance crew.

The casualty was then taken by land Ambulance to Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle for further treatment.

Huge thank you to Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team for their assistance during this callout.


Callout 16 - 19th May 2019

Penrith Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist in the evacuation of an unconscious casualty. The lady had fallen in the Garrigill area and sustained a head injury. The Team called in helimed to assist with the evacuation to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

Team Members: 14

With thanks to Great North Air Ambulance Service for their assistance!

Callout 15 - 14th April 2019

Twelve team members were called out to assist North West Ambulance Service to assist in the evacuation of an injured motor cross biker. The incident took place just outside Alston. The injured biker was transported by ambulance to The Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

Callout 14 - 30th March 2019

The Team were called to an incident on Loadpot Hill above Ullswater. A fell runner, taking part in an organised event, became unwell and Mountain Rescue assistance was requested.

The North West Air Ambulance attended the scene and the casualty was taken by air to Carlisle Infirmary.

Team Members: 20
Duration: 3.5 Hours

With thanks to North West Air Ambulance Charity and Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team for their support during this callout.

Callout 13 - 17th March 2019

2330hrs - The Team were called to assist a group of overdue walkers in Haweswater valley. Concern for the group had been raised after they had failed to arrive at their accommodation site.

Contact with the group was established by the Team. Due to the group's location, time of day, and the duration the group had been on the fells it was decided to send Team members to meet the group and escort them safely off the hill.

Team Members: 10 
Duration: 4 hours

Callout 12 - 16th March 2019

1800hrs - The Team were called to assist with the transfer of a patient to an ambulance in the Hallbankgate area. The heavy rain experienced throughout the day had swollen a beck just outside the property and had made the transfer to the ambulance more difficult.

Team Members: 12
Duration: 2 hours

Callout 8-11 - 10th March 2019

The Team was called to assist with an ambulance trying to get to Alston. On the way, we dealt with a car that had come off the road descending in the snow from Hartside. Once the ambulance was safely at Alston the team deployed to Hartside pass. Despite several road closures in place, the Team dealt with many motorists becoming stuck in the snow as they tried to negotiate the snowy conditions on the pass. 
The final incident involved two male walkers lost on Cross Fell, both of which were very cold and wet. Luckily they managed to stumble across a bothy called Greg's Hut just north of Cross Fell. Ten team members were then deployed to walk up to the Hut in blizzard conditions, to aid them. The two casualties were given warm clothing, warm drinks and food and then escorted off the fell through the blizzard.
The Team would like to take this opportunity to advise anyone heading out in the current conditions, to plan accordingly.

Callout 7 - 6th March 2019

Police contacted the Team to investigate a 999 call triangulated to Shap Fells. Team members were deployed and searched through the night.  No sign of the missing person.   

Team Members: 11
Rescuer Hours: 66 

Callout 6 - 2nd March 2019

The Team assisted NWAS with a vulnerable 31-year-old male, who required medical treatment on the bank side of the River Eden near Armathwaite. The Police also attended the incident. Team members assisted transportation up the steep bank to Helimed who evacuated the casualty.  

Team Members: 16
Rescuer Hours: 61.24

Callout 5 - 28th February 2019

The Team were called to a 23-year-old old male who was stuck in bog and sinking near Gilsland. The Team were stood down when it was confirmed the Fire service had taken the callout.   

Team Members: 1
Duration: 0.63 hours

Callout 4 - 13 February 2019

The Team responded to a report of a 66-year-old female who has fallen with an ankle injury near Pooley bridge. NWAS assist to transport the lady to a land ambulance.   

Team Members: 13
Rescuers Hours: 27.03

Callout 3 - 16th January 2019

Report of an unconscious male found on Dunmallard Hill, Pooley Bridge was handed over to the Team by Police. Patterdale Mountain Rescue assisted alongside NWAS and Helimed.

Team Members: 4
Rescuer Hours: 4.92

Callout 2 - 8th January 2019

Concern was raised when a rucksack was found with a note in it at Rampgill mine, Nenthead. The incident was passed to COMRU and resulted in a false alarm.

Callout 1 - 4th January 2019

The Team were called to assist Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team in search for a 69-year-old missing person around, Glasson, north of Carlisle. A total of 26 rescuers were involved in the search totalling 234 rescue hours. Unfortunately, the missing person has not been found. PolSA, Maritime and Coastguard Agency and Lake District Search Dogs Association also attended the search.

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