Team member Karen Phillips-Craig takes top prize

Team probationer Karen Phillips-Craig (affectionately known as 'Muscles') competed in the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation North East championships in the Miss Physique category.

She has been training really hard over the last few months and came away with top prize and entry to the National Finals in September.  We are all rooting for her to get a GB team place there and in the meantime the team will be expecting her to cary all the heavy stuff up the hill!!

Well done karen and good Luck for the next round!


Keswick Triathlon 2015 - They Made It!

Team Leader Mike Hill, Deputy Team Leader Kaz Frith and Communications Officer Andrew Field completed in the 2015 Keswick Short Course Triathlon on June 7th.

Andrew who has previously completed 2 UK IronMan events in 2013 and 2014  finished first in 1 hour 43, Mike in 1 hour 57 and Kaz shortly behind in 2 hours 4.  All three thoroughly enjoyed the day and are planning on doing next year's event.

Here's a couple of pics


Keswick Triathlon

keswicktriTeam Leader Mike Hill, Deputy Leader Kaz Frith and Communications Officer Andrew Field will be competing in Sunday's Keswick Triathlon - hopefully they will all get round in one piece and they plan to join team training straight after!









New Mountain Rescue Film

2 of our Team members appear in this new film which shows the types of incidents that the volunteer teams get involved in.

Friends of Penrith MRT Raise £910

Congratulations to the 'Friends of Penrith Mrt', who raised £910 for the Team last weekend selling drinks, cakes and bacon butties at Mardale Head and Nan Bield Pass.

Winter Training

scotland2015The Team's winter training involved looking at personal skills such as avalanche awareness, use of avalanche transceivers, crampon use, self-arrest using an ice-axe. We also experimented using snow-shoes, which was enlightening. Following on from this Team members experimented with snow bollards, bucket seats and ice axe belays.

On the second day, we put these skills into practice near the Spittal of Glenshee, with a scenario which required Team members to back rope a loaded stretcher a 300m slope with a 60m rope!

Penrith May Day 2015

21992 782024598560234 2465005059945034507 nWell the weather has well and truly changed from the glorious sunny weather we had yesterday in Penrith for the Mayday carnival and parade. Thank you to everyone who popped in to see our stall, and a very big thank you to everyone who bought or donated to the rescue team. From the event we have managed to raise £504.75. Which is a fantastic sum of money and 100% of which will go to helping the team save lives.

Thanks again everyone and remember its only liquid sunshine...

Best wishes from everyone at Penrith MRT

Busy January

January has so far been a busy month for Penrith Mountain Rescue Team with seven callouts and winter training in Scotland. Two of these callouts were this weekend.

The first of these, on Saturday, was to assist the Police in a search for a missing person from Carlisle. The Team and search dogs checked various woods in the Brampton area. Sixteen Team members and six search dogs were involved for four hours.

The second, was to rescue a female who had fallen from a horse at Wetheriggs, near Penrith. She had injured her back. The Team assisted the Beep Doctor in immobilising the casualty by placing her in a vacuum mattress and transporting her to a Team Landrover, and driving her to the road and an awaiting ambulance. Six Team members were involved for one and a half hours.

Team Leader, Mike Hill said "Hopefully things will quieten down, Team members are all volunteers and it can be quite difficult for members to balance Team commitments with work and family life".

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